Ducks Unlimited Series


The non-profit group known as Ducks Unlimited was founded on January 30, 1938, by Joseph Knapp, E.H. Low and Robert Winthrop. At the time, North America was battling a decade-long drought known as the “Dust Bowl Years” that affected much of the United States. Hoping to preserve the habitat of drought-plagued waterfowl, which had declined in population to an unprecedented low, the Ducks Unlimited organization was formed. Each year since 2006, a new bottle in the Ducks Unlimited Series has been released, gathering quite a following of Ducks Unlimited supporters and Jack Daniel’s collectors alike.

First in the series, the 2006 bottle used the traditional 750ml 1st Generation Single Barrel bottle filled with 94 proof whiskey. Then in 2009, the newly designed 2nd Generation Single Barrel bottle was released, a change that was also incorporated into the Ducks Unlimited Series.

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