Master Distiller Bottle – (Japan Version)


Perhaps one of the most frustrating and confusing bottles for collectors is the black label version of the Master Distiller bottle. Initially showing up only in limited Asian markets sometime around the year 2000, this bottle has undergone many small label changes over the years. In addition to the lack of information out there about this bottle, another reason for the frustration is figuring out where this bottle is even available for collectors to purchase.

Commonly referred to as the Japanese Master Distiller bottle, some variations of the label do not include Japanese writing and have been found at select duty free shops outside of Japan including some inside the United States.

The bottle pictured was released in 2011 and displays the most recent look for both the label and bottle, currently known as the Evo bottle. The label itself, however, first appeared in 2010 on the previous generation known as the Heritage bottle.