Riverboat Captain Decanter


Throughout the 1800’s, steamboats navigated rivers across the country and gave people a way to travel comfortably and in style. During this time, the captains of these riverboats were well respected and considered part of the most affluent social circles. One of the more famous captains was Thomas Ryman…Jack Daniel knew that men of this stature would be a great way to spread the word about his whiskey. He also knew that riverboats passing through Nashville on the Cumberland River likely traveled to places that had not yet heard of his Tennessee Whiskey…

In 1987, the Distillery released the 1.75 liter Riverboat Captain Decanter. Originally sold with 90 proof whiskey, this decanter also became available in 86 proof as the Distillery began to experiment with lower alcohol content.

Excerpt above provides a small sample of the information found in the book.