Scenes from Lynchburg – Bottle # 3


Next in the series, the 3rd bottle shifts focus to life outside the Distillery in the town square of Lynchburg, only a short walk from the cave spring hollow. This bottle depicts people socializing in front of the Lynchburg Hardware & General Store which was built by Lem Motlow in 1912.

Following the first bottle’s debut in 2003, a new bottle in the series has been released every year with the exception of 2010. In the United States, these “Scenes” bottles are available in a 750ml size with 86 proof whiskey, and are not sold in a box or with a hang tag. This series can also be found in Europe as 1 liter bottles filled with 86 proof whiskey and in Canada as 750ml bottles filled with 80 proof whiskey.

More detailed information provided in the book.