White Rabbit Saloon Bottle – 120th Anniversary


Officially released at the Distillery on August 11, 2012, the original White Rabbit bottle celebrates the 120th Anniversary of the opening of the Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit Saloon. While the Saloon is no longer around, part of its name can still be found in the Distillery’s Visitor Center at the White Rabbit Bottle Shop.

In July of 2013, approximately 1 year after the 120th Anniversary of the White Rabbit Saloon, an update to this bottle was made. Nearly identical to the bottle from 2012, the major difference is shown on the bottle’s front label and on the box where it now reads “Special Edition” instead of “120th Anniversary”. This small change was made so that the Distillery could continue celebrating the famous White Rabbit Saloon even after the 120th Anniversary date had passed.

Information about this bottle is not provided in the book as it was released after publication.