2013 Bottle Review

December 30, 2013 by Dan McCarley in Facts & Info

2013 is about to come to a close and Jack Daniel’s just finished off another busy year here in the U.S! They started things off big with the release of the Sinatra Select bottle and continued from there. We also saw a new version of the White Rabbit Saloon 120th Anniversary bottle (it now reads Special Edition), a new version of the Gentleman Jack Commemorative bottle (it no longer says 2010), the 2nd bottle in the Master Distiller Series, a larger scale release of the Winter Jack Tennessee Cider, and annual releases of the Ducks Unlimited and Holiday Select bottles. I’m sure 2014 will continue with much of the same so keep checking back for more updates!

Here’s a picture of the 2013 Barrel Tree in case you missed it.
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