Mar 08

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Bottle

Throughout the month of January the Sinatra Select bottle began showing up in certain Duty Free stores around the country. Now, on March 8, 2013, it makes its debut in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The Distillery is officially offering these bottles for sale from the White Rabbit Bottle Shop for an out-the-door price of $164.20. Unlike the […]

Jan 03

Jack Daniel's Unaged Rye Bottle

After much anticipation, the Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye became available in the state of Tennessee around mid-December. Each bottle is individually numbered and reads Batch No: 001. This bottle will be a limited edition as the next release is expected to be Aged Rye and is currently maturing in the barrel-houses. Click the image below […]

Dec 07

Jack Daniel's 2012 Holiday Select Bottle

On December 1st, the Jack Daniel Distillery officially released the Holiday Select bottle for 2012. This tradition was started last year so the 2012 bottle marks the 2nd in the Holiday Select Series with every bottle once again being filled from the barrels used to make the Christmas Barrel Tree. The 2012 Holiday Select bottle […]

Nov 13

Jack Daniel's 2012 Ducks Unlimited Bottle

The annual release of the Ducks Unlimited bottle recently took place in Lynchburg, TN. Dating back to 2006, each year the Distillery teams up with the Ducks Unlimited organization to release a bottle from this commemorative series and then donates a portion of sales to the conservation effort. While this bottle is currently available at […]

Sep 22

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Series

The first bottle in the new Master Distiller Series was just released and is now available at the Distillery and around the state of Tennessee. This is an 86 proof 1 liter bottle and features Jack Daniel, the 1st of the 7 Master Distillers in the history of the Jack Daniel Distillery. Each bottle is […]

Aug 07

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon Bottle

Officially due to be released at the Distillery on August 11th, the new White Rabbit Saloon bottle is already in high demand. Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of Jack Daniel’s White Rabbit Saloon in Lynchburg, Tennessee, it is sold in a box and with an imprinted number on the back label of each bottle. Put 2 […]

Apr 10

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Bottle Picture

For those of you that don’t know, the Jack Daniel Distillery will be releasing a new series of bottles later this year. It will be known as the Master Distiller Series and an image of what the 1st bottle and box in the series will look like was recently released. More information on this series […]

Feb 16

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Bottle Coming Soon

Jack Daniel’s is finally getting close to officially unveiling their new Master Distiller’s Collection. This collection will be made up of 7 bottles in the series with a new bottle being released approximately once per year. The series will start by honoring Jack Daniel, the 1st Master Distiller, and continue through Jeff Arnett, the 7th […]

Nov 25

Jack Daniel's Holiday Select Picture

The extremely limited Jack Daniel’s Holiday Select Bottle is showing up at liquor stores in select states now! Get it soon because they are selling fast!!! The bottle looks great and it comes with a sturdy collectable box as shown in the picture below. Just wanted to make sure I posted this picture for everyone […]

Nov 09

Holiday Select Bottle

Jack Daniel’s recently announced the upcoming release of their 1st Annual Holiday Select Bottle. This bottle will be filled with 100 proof whiskey taken from 187 barrels used to make the Jack Daniel’s Christmas display for 2011. This is being marketed as the first bottle in a new limited edition series so get your bottle […]

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