Sinatra Century Bottle

November 9, 2015 by Dan McCarley in New Bottle with 0 Comments

Not to be confused with Sinatra Select which was released in 2013, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century is now available at the Distillery in Lynchburg, TN, and at select airport duty free shops around the world.

In the very near future this very special bottle will also be released nationwide all around the United States. However, with only 100 barrels of this select whiskey being chosen by Jeff Arnett for bottling, this will be an extremely limited release. Therefore the retail price for this bottle comes in at $500.

As for details of this bottle, it honors the legendary Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday. This 1 liter bottle is filled with 100 proof whiskey and comes inside of a collectible box. Many extras are included such as a small tribute book and a previously unreleased concert recording of Frank Sinatra at The Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from 1966.

If you want one of these bottles, you’d better grab the first one you see. They won’t last long!

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