Barrelhouse 1 Bottle


The barrelhouses located on the grounds of the Jack Daniel Distillery play a very important role in the whiskey-making process. It is in these buildings that new barrels of whiskey are placed and allowed to mature over the course of several years. Due to different variables in the aging process, this is not an exact science or one that relies on a calendar. Instead, the Distillery’s experienced tasters decide when each whiskey has aged to perfection, at which time the barrel is removed from the barrelhouse and sent to bottling.

It was to commemorate one of the Distillery’s oldest and most famed barrelhouses, a 7-story building aptly named “Barrelhouse 1,” that the first of these bottles was released in the summer of 1994. This first batch of these 94 proof whiskey bottles is the most common a collector may come across, though a much smaller second batch was produced in the winter of 1999.

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