1907 Brand TN Whiskey


Making its debut in June of 2011, Jack Daniel’s released this 1907 Tennessee Whiskey exclusively in Australia. This 70cl white label bottle pays tribute to Lem Motlow and the year he officially took over the Distillery for Jack Daniel. Known for its lighter and slightly sweeter taste, the whiskey found in this bottle measures 74 proof and was aged in the cooler areas of the barrelhouses.

Approximately 2 years after its initial release, the 2nd generation of this bottle began to hit store shelves in the summer of 2013. Available in the new Evo bottle, it still has the same general appearance but with slight modifications to the label. (The 1st generation bottle is pictured)

Additional information about this bottle will be provided in Volume III of the Jack Daniel’s Bottle Collector’s Guide which has an anticipated release in 2024.