Coy Hill High Proof


The release of this bottle was the third in the Single Barrel Special Release series and it was processed using “minimum filtration to sustain its unique flavor profile.”

Bottled between 137.4 and 148.3 proof and released as a 750ml Single Barrel in the Fall of 2021, less than 300 barrels were used for this limited release. Coy Hill is the highest elevation found on the Distillery grounds and it has 5 of the oldest barrel houses, built in the 1960’s. This particular release contains whiskey from Barrel houses # 8 & 13.

Then in the Summer of 2022, Jack Daniel’s released a Small Batch of the Coy Hill High Proof whiskey. This time it was bottled uncut at a proof between 143.6 and 155.1, making it the highest proof whiskey ever released by Jack Daniel’s.

Additional information about this bottle will be provided in Volume III of the Jack Daniel’s Bottle Collector’s Guide which has an anticipated release in 2024.