The Barrel

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The Jack Daniel Distillery prides itself on quality whiskey, and one of the main factors in its production involves the white oak barrels used in the aging process.

Taking to heart the old saying “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” the Brown-Forman Corporation has been producing all of its own barrels since 1945. This occurs at one of the largest barrel plants in the country known as the Brown-Forman Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky. Here, approximately 250 employees ensure every barrel is made a specific way and to Jack Daniel’s high quality standard.

This standard of production begins with the wood itself (and lots of it!). At any given time, approximately 17 tons of white oak sit in the wood yard of the Cooperage waiting to be used. It is here that the moisture content in the wood is monitored until it reaches 25%, a process taking about six months…

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