Gentleman Jack

The year 1988 was an exciting one for the Jack Daniel Distillery because for the first time in decades a new brand of whiskey was introduced. Known as Gentleman Jack, this smooth 80 proof whiskey was similar to other Jack Daniel’s brands, but with one distinguishing feature. Matured on the lower levels of the barrelhouses much like Green Label whiskey, what makes this brand different occurs during an additional step in the mellowing process…

After its introduction in 1988, the bottle’s look lasted only a few years until the Distillery made slight modifications to it late in 1990. Many more modifications to the look of the bottle would occur in the years that followed. Today, the twice mellowed Gentleman Jack brand is a recognized, and often preferred, member of the Jack Daniel’s family of whiskeys.

More detailed information about this bottle provided in Volume I of the Jack Daniel’s Bottle Collector’s Guide.